Who I Am and What I Do…


As a social media marketing consultant, I help companies create online marketing strategies, develop their brand’s digital voice, and provide step-by-step coaching to navigate through the social media world and achieve measurable results. Strategic plans include social media marketing strategy, content marketing strategy as well as becoming your personal social media marketing coach and consultant. I align your company’s core objectives with your individual digital marketing strategy so the unique goals defined by your company are achieved.

I have helped companies build quality followings on their specific social networks that they can engage with on a daily basis by sharing valuable industry related information. The relationships formed on social networks has allowed companies to converse with existing customers as well as potential customers by solving problems in real time.

I have also helped companies create a corporate blogging strategy to develop a thought leadership role in their industry. This content marketing strategy includes creating an editorial calendar, graphic images to accompany posts, and an integrated marketing plan to cross promote the company’s original content across multiple social media networks.

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