Instagram vs Vine, Who Will Win The Short Video Title?

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what about a 6-second video? Or a 15-second video?

With the number of mobile phones on the planet set to exceed that of human beings, it’s no surprise that video is all the rage these days, from adorable doggy videos (Thanks Janette Speyer!) to major brand promotions.

Earlier, this year, Twitter launched a video platform called Vine, which allows users to create and share 6-second long videos. I’ll admit that my first thought was “Really? What can you possibly say in six seconds??” And yes, the time limit is definitely an obstacle, but it also forces people to be creative and use every second to showcase something amazing and meaningful to the viewer.

Recently, Facebook-owned Instagram debuted their own video service, titled Video for Instagram (I’ll be referring to it as Instagram for simplicity’s sake), which allows users to record and share 15-second videos.

Here’s a brief comparison of the two video services, via Social Media Today:

Instagram vs. Vine

But the question is, should marketers use these services? My answer: Maybe. No, this isn’t a cop-out – it depends on how the brand is using these tools. Like anything, the tool is just that – it’s a tool. The value it could create comes from how you use it.

There are several great ways to use Instagram and Vine as marketing or promotional tools (via Marketing Land and Sprout Social):

    1. Teasers: Taco Bell posted a teaser, which included pyrotechnics (!!!), for their upcoming Doritos Locos Tacos. This 15-second video was very effective and got Taco Bell’s fans excited for the launch.

    1. Sales Promotions: Online retailer Topshop posted this stop-motion video, which puts 3 summer outfits together and lists the item numbers in the description.

    1. Announcements: Samsung recently posted a Vine, using their signature Galaxy S 4 phone and, thus, announcing Vine for Android. The 6-second video was a very clever (check out this subsequent Vine to see how they recorded it) way of announcing the long-awaited and eagerly-anticipated Android version of the app. It’s also a great way of illustrating what you can do with six seconds!
    1. Tutorials/HowTo’s: Lowe’s has taken to Vine to share quick (obviously) tips and how-to videos to help their customers with their DIY projects. These videos are extremely easy to follow and have become very popular. The company made the conscious effort to brand these videos with the hashtag #lowesfixinsix, which makes this series searchable and very easy to find on Twitter.

    A timely example of Instagram and Vine campaigns comes to us from MTV. According to Mashable, the network is releasing videos on the two platforms, announcing the nominees for the upcoming Video Music Awards (VMAs), being held on August 25 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Using the hashtag #RoadToTheVMAs, MTV will release one video per hour (beginning 8 a.m. ET on Wednesday, July 17th) on both Instagram and Vine to announce the nominations of one major category. Here is the first video (nominees for Video of the Year), posted on both Instagram and Vine:

It comes as a no-brainer that MTV would use these services as marketing tools because they’ve had great success in the past. In their article, Mashable also states that MTV used Instagram photos to reveal the VMAs’ location in a campaign that amassed a quarter of a million Instagram likes, 16 million Twitter impressions, 8 million Facebook impressions and 1 million Tumblr impressions. The cable network was also the first brand to reach 1 million Instagram followers and now has 1.37 million on the platform, in addition to 117,000 followers on Vine.

What do you think of Instagram Video and Vine? Should they be used as marketing tools? Are there any campaigns that got it right, or terribly wrong for that matter?

Please share your comments, Instagrams, and Vines below!

Kavita Chintapalli, Guest Blogger

Kavita Chintapalli, Guest Blogger

Kavita Chintapalli is a recent MBA graduate from Rutgers University and is currently seeking a full time position in digital marketing or social media. She enjoys all things beauty-related, cool tech gadgets, TV, blogging, and social media. Learn more about Kavita on her website,

5 Ways to Share Your Patriotism On Social Media

Use Your Social Media Channels To Share Your Patriotism

Use Your Social Media Channels To Share Your Patriotism

Patriotism is alive and strong and one of the few attitudes that Americans can express publically without the fear of being ridiculed or being offensive. Regardless of how Americans feel the other 364 days of the year about our government leadership, policies, international conflicts, etc., our July 4th celebrations allow us to come together as one country and one people, thankful for all the opportunities we have been given by living in the greatest country on the globe.

With the 4th of July just around the corner, this loyalty to our country is no longer limited to streets lined with American flags proudly displayed on homes, small-town parades, or fireworks at the end the day.

In the year 2013, we’re fortunate to have access to many exciting and fun digital tools to express the love and gratitude we share for the United States of America, and the men and women who defend our freedom daily.

5 Ways to share your patriotism on social media:

1. YouTube, Instagram and Vine – Take plenty of pictures and videos to showcase your family’s traditions for this holiday. There is nothing cuter than little children decked out in red, white and blue outfits or looking in amazement at the beautiful fireworks. Our family hosts an open house each year. Guests bring items to grill and a dish to pass, it’s like the loaves and fishes by the time all the food is put out! Our town is small, but this holiday celebration is big. It starts with a home-town style parade, followed by our national award winning water ski team show, and finally ending with a spectacular fireworks display. With all of this entertainment, there are plenty of opportunities to snap some pictures or take video of all the fun and share with my friends digitally.

Share Your 4th of July Visuals on Social Media

Share Your 4th of July Visuals on Social Media

2. Pinterest – This is a great place to search for recipes, crafts, outfits, and decorations for your party. But if you’re a seasoned Independence Day celebrator, you already have your own favorite traditions in these areas. Take pictures and upload your recipe or instructions to projects to this channel to share with your followers. People less creative, like me, need to see pictures of all these cool creations, and the instructions will allow us to be able to create as well.

Share your party ideas on Pinterest

Share your party ideas on Pinterest

3. Twitter – People love great quotes, and this is a wonderful place to share your favorite quote since you are limited to 140 characters. If you don’t know a quote by memory, the web is loaded with patriotic quotes, just remember to cite the author.

Patriotic Quotes Can Be Shared in Twitter's 140 Characters

Patriotic Quotes Can Be Shared in Twitter’s 140 Characters

4.    Facebook – Send out an invite to your 4th of July party from this social channel. Your guests will be able to see who else is coming, and collaborate on specialty dishes or drinks to contribute to the festivities. Is there a website or online video that represents your American spirit? Share your online patriotic video with your Facebook community who loves visual images and videos.

Invite Your Facebook Friends to Your 4th of July Event!

Invite Your Facebook Friends to Your 4th of July Event!

5. Hashtags are becoming all the rage with more and more social sites using them. Here are a few hashtags to use on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest:

  • #4thOfJulyWeekend
  • #America
  • #GodBlessAmerica
  • #Patriotism
  • #IndependenceDay

This article only scratches the service on clever ways to share your 4th of July traditions with your social community. What elements of the 4th of July holiday are you most excited to share with friends on social media? What social media channel will you use most often to share all the fun with your digital neighborhood? Share your thoughts and ideas below, we’d love to hear your creative ideas on how to spread our American spirit.

Find Your Target Market’s Social Demographic

Social Media Demographic Behavior

What’s Your Target’s Social Media Demographic?

Before completing your social media marketing strategy, make sure you have researched “Who?” your audience is, “What?” their social behavior consists of, and “Where?” they’re hanging out on the web.

Today’s economy forces companies to stretch their marketing dollars as far as they can. Adding a social media marketing plan to the mix allows companies to create greater awareness, increase lead generation, and increase sales in an economical manner. To get the best results though, it’s vital that you research the “who?”, “what?” and “where?” of your target market’s social behavior. If you don’t answer these questions now, your social media marketing efforts will be like a bird flying against the wind.

A quick snap shot of some social media demographics compiled from Pew Research’s latest report includes:

Gender: 9% more women use social channels than men. Pinterest is the most used channel by women and Google+ is preferred by men.

Age: While the 18-29 year olds continue to be the most active social users (83%), their usage actually dropped slightly recently. This age group spends much of their time on Facebook and Twitter. The 30-49 age group has recently increased usage by 4% points growing to 77%. As expected, senior citizens are the least social at 52%.

Income: Income level also influences the level of time spent on social channels. Pew found 72% of the lower-income population on social networks compared to approximately 65% of middle class and affluent shoppers. Women with post high school education and above average incomes enjoy spending time on Pinterest.

Race: Brands that are marketing to the Hispanic population will be interested to know that this is the most active race on social media (72%), followed by African-Americans (68%). Instagram is the most appealing social channel for these two races.

Pew Research and Docstoc created the infographic below to make your decision(s) easier. For more information on social media demographics, check out Entrepreneur’s infographic here.

How have you used demographics in your social media marketing strategy? Share your experiences below in the comment/reply box, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Which Demographics Use What Social Media?

Which Demographics Use What Social Media?