Top 3 Reasons Why I Love Social Media

Social media has become a large part of my life and career. You might say that I eat, sleep, and breathe social, which is certainly something that I could not do if I didn’t love it! Here are three reasons why I just can’t get enough:

Why do you love using social media?

1. Networking, Networking, and more Networking!

The internet in general has provided us with a way to communicate with millions of people across the globe, but social media has truly created a way to forge relationships with these people. Whether it’s through a common interest or hobby, or a professional connection, social media is the new medium for networking – and it works! LinkedIn is definitely a must, but Twitter is ultimately my favorite. I’ve met and conversed with many tweeps that have afforded me opportunities I may never have had if it weren’t for social media. If you’re ready to start seeing the benefits social media can provide for your career, be sure to check out my blog:

2. Results: Likes, ReTweets, and much more.

As a community manager for many professional brands and organizations, one of the most exciting aspects of social media is when you begin seeing the results. It might begin as a few likes here and there, or a ReTweet, or a new Pinterest follower, but with consistent activity and strategy, before you know it you have an active and engaged community. That community then has the potential to propel or fuel your business.

3. That Happy Feeling…

On a personal level, experiencing and watching the effect that different strategies have just plain makes me happy. You have to smile when a well known professional in your industry follows you on Twitter, or comments on your Facebook post. And when the interaction graduates beyond social media, that’s when I sometimes can’t contain my excitement. As a business, when your Facebook fans start becoming clients or customers, and your Twitter account is a top referrer for your website, I’m willing to bet you’re pretty giddy too.


Social media has changed my life. Sure there are pros and cons, and it’s still developing as a marketing tactic, but I’m confident that it’s here to stay, so you may as well learn to love it. ; )

What are the reasons you love social media? Share them with me on Twitter! My handle is @kaylapatt

Writer’s Bio: Kayla Patterson is the founder of, a site that aims to be a resource for social media students of all types to learn how to market themselves or their business through social media. She is also the GoMedia Coordinator for where she oversees a social media management and consulting service. Kayla has a passion for country music, travel, and social media, and enjoys a good chick-flick, any kind of shopping, and all kinds of dessert! Follow her on Twitter: @kaylapatt

Kalya Patterson Founder,

Kalya Patterson

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